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Financial Astrology Class #8: Mercury As The Key To Bhagya Or “Fortune”.

The sanskrit word Bhagya means “fortune” and total opulence. Bhagavan is a name for Vishnu. The Suffix “van” means posessing. So Bhagavan Vishnu, more commonly referred to as God, is the only being capable of possessing all fortune and opulence. Vishnu is the deity most related to Mercury and thus also has a big say on Financial Astrology. We can never have it all like Him but we can still do our best to emulate Him!

Its time for the 8th class in our ongoing Financial Astrology and cryptocurrency course! This class will be on Mercury as the to fortune or “Bhagya” as Parashara describes it. We will build on what we previously learned about Jupiter, the Moon, and “Sampat” or prosperity. Now we will be adding in Mercury and his role in financial astrology. Mercury is the planet we need to take finances above and beyond what is needed to get by, to make one truly fortunate. We will also cover the varga charts, especially the Hora and Chaturtamsa vargas. We will also continue with our forecasts of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, as well as show examples of these techniques working on natal charts. Mercury is the key planet of playing the game of life in such a way that one feels they are winning, and has more than enough of their fair share in life. This is the goal of Financial Astrology, or “udaya jyotisha”. It is prime time we addressed Mercury in depth.

The live class will be on Wednesday, October 27th (Mercury’s day) at 10 am EST time. Join the live class if you would like to ask questions, but if you cannot make the live class, don’t worry about it. Some students benefit more from studying on their own, others learn more with a group structure, the choice is yours. You always have access to the telegram study group as well, to ask questions or add insights for the rest of the group to benefit from.

The class structure: is the same as the others, with a lesson in the beginning portion that builds upon the previous material covered in classes 1-7, including a short 5 minute break at the 45 minute mark. After we will focus more on applying the techniques we learned and allow for an open Q and A from students and give examples. To order the previous financial astrology zoom classes, check out the “courses” tab here on my site:

Ideally one can take all the previous classes so they are not too lost in this one, but if not, try to take at least the last 2 classes on Jupiter and the Moon if you can, to make sure you are not too lost about our general thesis on the markets for 2021.

To Join the group: Make the payment as directed below, and then send me an email to and title it “crypto zoom study group”. Be sure to follow the payment procedure listed below and your email will be on the list! If you are paying with crypto, all you have to do is share the first few digits of your wallet address in the email, and include what coin you paid with so I can confirm your payment. If paying with venmo or paypal, just share your email in the “note” part of the payment. This will be the email that I send the zoom link invite to.

Fee: $25/USD or $19/BTC, ETH, or other coins. You cannot send multiple different currencies or coins. Just choose one. You get a video recording of the session to go over afterwards, as well as any relevant pdfs of jyotish or market material. You also get access to a private study group on the telegram app, where you can share your questions, insights, and research with the rest of the financial astrologers in the group. And those that are taking the course after the live class will still get the same material as well as the recap message that I send to everyone after the live class.

(There is a discount if you pay with crypto because that shows you are serious and already have some understanding of the market, and are more likely to be an asset to the group. I also want to encourage people to actually use these coins over government issued fiat currency.)

Payment: The crypto payment may seem intimidating at first but is very simple… especially if you have coinbase, just scroll down further if you have that. If you have a crypto wallet, just send crypto to one of my wallet addresses I list below, and then when you write me your email, mention what coin you paid with and give the first couple digits of the crypto wallet address. That way I know it was you. When that goes through you are on the lineup and can expect a zoom invite link just 10 minutes before the class. (For example if I was paying with bitcoin as my payment, in the note I would say my address starts with “bc1q”. These are the first few digits of my bitcoin wallet address listed below. If paying with Litecoin I would give “ltc1q4″.)

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If you have any questions about this, feel free to send me an email. I am getting a lot of emails about this service and am trying to streamline it as much as possible. All you have to do is make the payment, include your email address in the note, and you can be sure you will be on the list. There is a chance that if you make the payment that morning that I may not get it by the time the class starts, so if paying with crypto, try not to pay for it just 30 minutes before the class starts or anything like that, as I may not get the payment in time.

Looking forward to it!