Traveling India – 2023

Ive been living and traveling throughout India over the winter and spring of 2023 and want to share some thoughts, pictures, videos, etc. I was in maharashtra first. Maharashtra is filled with legendary saints and spiritual masters. I was fortunate to get to visit some holy sites. One of the maharashtra highlights was being able to visit the exact cave that Shirdi Sai Baba used to meditate in, and the one that he got God-realized in. The energy there was profound. I was also able to visit the valley of the saints, where over 700 sufi saints have lived, including the perfect master that gave God-realization to Sai Baba, Zarzari Zar Baksh.

In Pune I got to visit the ancient Pataleshwar Cave temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, as well as the childhood home of Avatar Meher Baba. Here are some pictures and videos from this trip.

a cool banyan tree at the entrance to pataleshwar cave

Pataleshwar cave temple is interesting because the city of Pune has grown up around it, so it is right in the middle of the city, but down in the cave it has an incredibly peaceful feeling permeating it, and was very suitable for meditation.

Pataleshwar cave temple is right near the home of Meher Baba, and he used to go and meditate there as a youth.

I filmed this Youtube video while here in Pune as well.

Ive also been updating the astrology and yogic philosophy course with a lot of new videos as well. I recently did a set of videos on the grahas as karakas, showing how the seven classical planets bring into our lives and essentially produce all the different people that we have relationships with in life. That course can be found here and you can also now take the nakshatra course along with it for the same price.

Here is another video I filmed that morning.

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