Healer Resource Links

Here are some links to other healers, astrologers, and colleagues of mine who do good work in similar therapuetic fields.

If you would like to be on this page, feel free to email me, but I am rather selective.

Laura Barat

An amazing predictive astrologer that has much more years of experience than I do



A great up and coming astrologer who specializes in a few niche areas and is worth checking out


Beth Lim

Located in Malaysia and she really knows her Astrology very well, so I suggest her especially if you are in that side of the world or if your korean is better than your english.


Neeshee Pandit

Is located in Hawaii and is a very competent astrologer that focuses mainly on medical astrology.


Ryan Kurczak

Not as active in vedic astrology as he is with teaching Kriya Yoga these days but is a wonderful resource for both of these arts


Levi Cosijn

Is located in Belgium and is a very sharp astrologer


Karen White

Is located in California and is a very experienced Horary astrologer