Astrological Services

JupiterHere are of some of the Vedic Astrological services provided. Of course, this is just a small selection, and there are many more services that can be provided.  Email if you have a request that is not listed below.  Readings can be done in person, over the phone, via skype or zoom, or by making an mp3 recording and emailing it. Payment is done through Paypal. (And please read the policies at the bottom of the page before requesting a reading.)

Ask One Single Question

This is the best choice if you have one main question. You can ask one single question about pretty much anything, but please be as detailed as possible and it should only be something you strongly desire to know about.  Most yes or no questions will work.  Do not use the word “or” in the question. A good way to phrase it can be “What would be the result if I do X….?”  Or you can ask “Will this event occur?”.  Sometimes it is best to think about the question for a 24 hour period, or until it is very clear, but that is not required and not always an option.  An example of a simple and useful question to ask can be “Will I date this person?”, or “Where is my lost wallet?”.  The same question cannot be asked more than once in a 3 month period.  The more invested you are in the answer, the more accurate it will be. Email me as soon as the question is strong in your mind, and do not wait. I do not go into predicting when things will happen in this reading.  Predicting when things will occur is much more difficult and requires a lot more time and research (If that is desired, see the predictive reading option below).  These questions are answered by email. All you have to do is make sure the question is sincere, press the buy now button, and email the question. Allow 1-3 business days for me to respond with the answer.

{{{NOTE::: You have to follow this protocol though, or it likely will not work. I cannot read your email until I have been paid for the question as I have to do the work right when I read the email, and not at any other time. So if there is no payment then I am not going to read the email, as the work is nonrefundable on my end, so I have to be paid first.  And again, this reading will not work for something you lost a year ago and want to find now. But the moment the situation has occurred in your mind is when to ask the question, not a year later or at any other time. }}}     $39 

 This reading is designed to be as affordable as possible to help people get a quick answer that is reliable.  I understand that sometimes a paragraph is not enough, and so if you want me to give a more detailed answer to this question and explain more of what all is going on in your life, I can make a 15 minute video recording to send to you for $55. I can also do a 30-45 minute skype session about this one question for $72.  If the “buy now” button does not work for you, simply go on to and choose to send money to this email: 

Character Analysis

This type of reading is a focus on reading your character. It will go into the strengths and weaknesses within yourself that are the result of past karmas, as well as how to improve upon them. The virtues and merits that you have brought with you from previous lifetimes will be covered. The more difficult issues to work on will also be explained, and a remedial measure such as a change of behavior, attitude adjustment, dietary changes, cutting out or adding in new activities, or more detailed actions will be recommended to help you understand and best improve upon your character and personality.  Often times one’s own personality characteristics can be the greatest factor to support or interfere with success in any endeavor.  1hr.  $80

Spiritual Growth Consultation

Choose this option if you are wanting to see what the horoscope says about where you are on your spiritual journey.  This can be helpful if you are not sure about a spiritual path, or want to know the paths and practices that fit well for your temperament.  Different philosophical concepts from various traditions may be introduced. If you are of any religious background, or none at all, the concepts can still be adapted to fit harmoniously. If you are on a yoga path, this is a great tool to gain more insight on this path. If you want to know your Ishta Devata or things like that, this is the reading for that.  Approximately 45 min – 1 hr.  $89

Intuitive Reading

If one is just curious and wants to learn about themselves, but doesn’t have an urgent issue to be addressed, they can take this type of reading.  It is intuitive and free-form, so I just use whatever techniques I am drawn to use and read the chart spontaneously without focusing on a particular question.  I simply study and research the chart and just look at whatever “pops out” at me.  This makes it easier for me and so I can do it in a shorter amount of time. Often what is found and shared is exactly what the client feels they needed to hear for that point in their life anyway.  This type of reading can be a lot of fun for both parties. Approximately 45 minutes. (To order this, click the buy now button below, and then email your birth info to me at   $85


Follow-up Reading

Revisit past issues or choose 3 new areas to look at.  Many clients find it helpful to have a follow-up session once a year, to re-evaluate how they are working with their karma or to dig a little deeper into their understanding of themselves.  Approximately 30 – 45 minutes.  $89

Muhurta Report (Timing of Events, aka Electional Astrology)

All important events in life are given a better chance of success if undertaken at an auspicious time.  Maybe you are planning to open up a restaurant, or to move to a new city, or get married… whatever it is, it will generate a more positive outcome if it is initiated at a favorable time.  Common things this type of astrology is used for:

  • Marriage
  • Starting a journey/travel plans
  • Starting a business
  • Fertility periods/best times to conceive
  • Beginning construction on a building or project
  • Beginning a writing project
  • Taking a medicine for the first time
  • Launching a website

These are just a few examples of how this type of astrology can be used.  It does not require an accurate time of birth.  To have this reading, email me and explain what the endeavor you plan to undertake is, as well as the 3 month window in which you would like to accomplish it.  A paypal invoice will be sent, and upon payment, I will begin researching this window of time.  Results will be emailed and an exact date will be given, as well as the next best dates to use, so that you have a few options to work with.  $40 for 3 a month window (plus $10 for an extra month to research)

Career Shift or “breakthrough period” Consultation

This is a short reading that is ideal for someone who is wanting to make a change in their career, or wants to know when they will have the best chance at a promotion or breakthrough in their work.  Keep in mind though, that not everyone is meant to have a career improvement, and this depends on how one has fulfilled their responsibilities in the past.  This is indicated in the horoscope. You will not be given advice on choosing a career, but will be given the window of time when, if you have been working hard and sincerely, you will most likely be rewarded for your works by being given a new opportunity for a higher quality of work or career.  (Approximately 30 minutes, given as an mp3 recording, though it is possible to make exceptions and have a skype session if it is warranted)  $49

Ayurvedic Dosha (Constitution) Analysis – $55Get a breakdown of your constitution (Called Dosha, in Ayurveda) and tips on how to keep your health in balance through the seasons that are based on you and your actual body, not just generic information from an internet article.  Get a grasp of the balance of the elements within yourself, learn about Vata, Pitta, and Kapha and how it relates to you, and what to do to make the most of your constitution.  A short 30-minute reading where your constitution is given along with lifestyle tips and routines that are best for your constitution.   30 min. $59

Foundational Birth Chart Reading

For those who are getting there first horoscope reading, and want a general understanding of what kinds of karmic possibilities they are likely to experience within this life, or have already experienced in this life, this is a good choice. Its amazing how much more we can understand and come to peace with the various good and bad events in our lives when we hear them explained and extrapolated upon by an astrologer that does not even know the person.

You can pick 4 different areas of life to be researched and contemplated. It focuses only on those areas and reveals the issues that pertain to the strength or weakness of that part of life.

Examples: the health/disease potentials and constitution of the body , wealth and financial issues, Talents and skills one may possess or benefit from developing, family karmas, emotional nature, mental nature, relations with children, personality issues, the ideal lifestyles and daily routines for the individuals harmony, education, relationship potentials, longevity, marriage, achievements in the world, fulfillment of desires, spiritual growth. Any area of life can be understood more fully from studying the birth chart, so really there is no limit to the topics that could be explored.

A remedial measure will be advised to help you minimize or alter the negative karmic issues you are dealing with and strengthen the positive karmic qualities. Approximately 1.5 – 2 hours.  $199-299 (The Price is depending upon the issues chosen and the amount of time it takes, so I cannot say exactly until I know what you are asking.)

please inquire for fee:

Level 2 Birth Chart ReadingThis is a more intense birth chart reading, that will consist of two sessions for two hours each.  You can select 9 areas of interest or less than 9 and I will go into each with great detail and depth.  It is important to remember that in ancient times astrology was mostly reserved for the royal families and those who were lucky enough to be able to afford to hire an astrologer/mathematician for weeks at a time.  The astrologers to the court or royal family would spend an entire lifetime on just the charts of the Royal family and would still be learning new things about them continuously.  If you have studied Jyotish yourself then you know how sophisticated it is and how much detail can be seen from the horoscope.  Each human life is very complicated and it is the same with the birth chart.  With that in mind, in this reading you are basically just paying me more so that I can take much more time to study each varga or divisional chart and dasa system that relates to your questions with much more attention.  This isn’t normally an option for an astrologer because they only have the time they have been paid for to work on the chart and therefore usually can’t afford to go much further than the Rasi chart.  Moreso, they rarely have time to look at any other dasa system other than the classic Vimshottari, but there are more than a dozen other dasas (timing systems) that are applicable and running at all times.  This is a more time-consuming process, but provides greater accuracy and detail to the client.You must have an accurate time of birth for this reading and if not you may want to see the birth time rectification options given below.  2 session for approximately 1.5 hrs each. $599

Astrological Health Reading

This reading emphasizes the health of the body and how to keep it in harmony and balance with the outside environment.  I use various systems of knowledge including Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Holistic Medicine, and whatever else works well.  I am not a qualified doctor, and this is not exactly an Ayurvedic style health reading, though I do emphasize that.  Ayurveda is the health system that was developed by the same ancient seers of India who also developed Vedic Astrology. The two are like branches of the same tree and overlap somewhat in that they both help us live more holistically. It is possibly the oldest system of medicine on the planet, at least 3,000 years old.  “Ayur” means life or longevity and “Veda” means knowledge, so Ayurveda translates to the knowledge of longevity.

It should be noted that I am in no way trying to “practice medicine” as this is a serious crime in the United States to practice medicine without a license.  What I am able to do is give “general information” and give personal lifestyle advice based on your chart and its indications…But this advice is much more accurate because of its basis on the astrological chart.  We know that good advice can be good advice but not always for everyone. Not all people have the same natural constitution and one person may be better off eating mostly raw foods, while another may feel horrible when they eat the same way.  Dietary advice, lifestyle and routine, and how to adjust to the changes throughout the different seasons will all be covered.  Approximately 1 – 1.5 hrs.  $199

Dharma/Life Path/Career Analysis

Learn what the chart says about your Dharma in life. Dharma is a Sanskrit word that (like most Sanskrit words) has many layers of meaning, but roughly translates to one’s “righteous duty” or “purpose in the world”.  It is that which upholds and protects the goodness of the world. It also signifies “one’s innate nature”, because each person’s innate nature sets them up for a particular type of work or duty that is their role to play in upholding the goodness of the world.  For example, some people will naturally make a great biologist, and it is simply in their nature. Trying to keep that kid away from a science textbook is just a waste of time. Another person’s nature or “dharma”  may incline them more towards being a professional athlete, a monk, or an author of children’s books.  We are all here for a reason and have a path that is laid out for us to walk. This path is our dharma.  There is really so much that can be said about what each individual is here to do on Earth and this is one of my favorite aspects of Jyotish. It is also important to note that not all of us will have a career that is our dharma, but all of us have a particular life path we are walking, and the natal chart can give insight about that path. 1-1.5 hours – $189     2-2.5 hours – $259

Relationship Compatibility Reading

There are two options, if the reading is just for you and how to make the most of your relationships, choose this option. With this you will learn about your strengths and weaknesses that you have with your relationship/love karma. Remedies or “corrective actions” will be suggested to make the most of the good and minimize the bad. Some forecasting can be included in this option if it is desired.  $129/hr.

Choose this option if you want to have a full compatibility reading where both parties have their charts read and examined, and the strengths and weaknesses to the compatibility is shown between the two. Various solutions, remedies, and corrective actions will be suggested, which will differ depending on the charts in question. $200/1.5 hrs. 

Birth Chart Rectification

If you do not know your exact time of birth and what want to know it so that more exact and reliable astrological predictions can be made, this is the reading to select.  What I need from you is the day of your birth to be known. I cannot rectify if the day of birth is not known. (If this is the case for you, please see ask one single question, where birth time is not necessary to be known.)  I will also need a photograph of you with your face and hands in the picture, and your height and weight.  Along with this, I will also need a list of all the most significant events in your life that you can list down to the exact day. Please do not list them if you do not know the exact day they occurred, or if they are a death or birth of another person.  Also share any extremes you have experienced in your life, such as extreme wealth or poverty, sickness or health, etc.

For a rectification where the birth time is known within a 30 minute interval, and one is trying to get the exact time down to a 30 second – 1 minute window to be able to use the vargas and dasa systems more accurately: $108

For a rectification where the birth time is known down to a 3 hour window: $199

6 Month-1 Year Forecasting/Predictive Reading

This reading is a forecast into the next 6 months of a person’s life.  It will focus on the different ups and downs one may experience over the course of 6 months.  I look into what things should be focused on, what things should be avoided, and anything in particular that the client wants me to look out for as a possibility in the next 6 months.  Please do keep in mind though, that I cannot predict the future for everyone, because not everyone will have the merit to have such information.  I will first have to look over the chart and make sure that it is possible for the person to have a successful predictive reading and then make sure that we will be able to have a compatible relationship.  No consultants will ever be 100% accurate and especially so with respect to a task that is normally not considered possible.  Another important thing to note is that often times not that much may change in a 6-month period for an individual.  You can also request a predictive reading on one single issue, for the $299 price.  In this case I will search for only one event such as marriage, but will search throughout your entire life, as opposed to just 1 year.  Still though, there is no promise that I will be correct.  The Gods just give us what we need to know to take the next step in life.  I would suggest to only choose this if you strongly feel something important happening in your future, or you have a burning desire to know if something will come about in your lifetime.  Also, you must be ready to hear the answer “No” and be able to make peace with that answer, or an answer that is not what you desire.  Do not get this reading if you cannot handle hearing something you do not want to hear.  Only get this reading if you really want to know.  Approximately 45-1hr.

6 months = $199  1 year = $299  1 topic searched throughout one’s life = $299

Level 3 – “Royal Level” Birth Chart Reading

This would be the reading to choose if you have ever wanted to hire an astrologer to really go in depth and spend a whole week or more working on just your chart.  If you have studied astrology, or know someone who has really put in a lot of years in study, then you have probably realised that there is a lot to be seen from the chart. There is no way it can all be seen in just a few hours or in one session. There is no way it can all be seen even with this option either, but we will get much closer and see much more. I love to work at this level but rarely do I have the option, as most people cannot afford to hire an astrologer for so many hours. In this reading, I use all 16 varga charts, and all the dasas I am competent in using, and basically all the techniques I have. I look at your chart from many, many, different perspectives. You are basically paying me to spend around 12 hours on your chart in just research alone (not counting the hours we spend having the sessions), spread out over the course of a week or longer. We will have 3 sessions for 90 minutes each. Sometimes it is a lot to digest so it can help to spread the information out and give you a week-long interval to contemplate it.

You must have an accurate time of birth to do this reading, and I must review your chart and make sure you and I are compatible. I do this so as not to waste my own time or the time of the client, and to be sure that I can help you before I begin to work with you at a serious level. One really does not know the full value of what Astrology offers without having an Astrologer take the time to study your chart as they would have in the old days, or by taking the time to undertake the study yourself, which is a lifelong endeavor.  You will also receive a pdf of your natal chart, all the vargas, and other tables that I use during the session. Remedial measures will be discussed in the first session. This means you will have things to work on and practice on your own, after the first session. Then when we meet up again we can see how it went, what worked, what did not, and make adjustments if we need to.

3 sessions -1.5 hrs each – $1008


Teaching Workshops/Group Events

Teaching at a recent Ayurveda Workshop in Asheville, NC

Teaching at a recent Ayurveda Workshop in Asheville, NC

I also am available to do group events and teach workshops as well.  This past year I taught a 3 hour class to some yoga students on Jyotish and its fundamentals, and it went very well. It was just the basics, so that a yoga teacher can at least be familiar with the concepts of Jyotish as they are integral to the yoga tradition.  At the summer solstice on 2017, I taught a weekend Jyotish portion of a year long Ayurveda course in Asheville, NC. This was an introduction to Jyotish and medical astrology for students of Ayurveda.

This sort of thing is highly in demand right now, so if you are a yoga teacher offering certifications, or teaching Ayurveda or another Vedanga, you should consider this, giving your students more of a wholistic appreciation of the vedic traditions by adding in some more familiarity with Jyotish and other vedangas.

I also have done readings for groups at weddings and at potlucks and such. If you live in the Southeastern USA then you may want to consider this.  I live in Charleston SC.

If you live in the Charleston SC area, I also do readings at the folly farmers market when time permits, as a service to the community. Readings are $20 for 20 minutes there, an incredible price really. Currently I am not doing them, but I may start back up at some point. I try to do this as service, as it is my intention is to enrich my local community with more Self-awareness.  You can find out more about that by following Eye of the Veda on facebook here:::


  • Due to the extensive amount of work that is required before the session, I DO NOT give refunds.  Please make sure you are serious about the session or do not book it.
  • If I was to critique my own self, I would say my biggest problem is that I take longer to do readings than most it seems.  I can never really say when exactly I will get the reading done for you.  I feel like that sometimes puts unnecessary pressure on me which doesn’t help. I am mainly focused on giving you the RIGHT ANSWER and with integrity, and I do not care how long that takes me. So this is how I work, and I do not work any better or faster if you email me constantly about when your reading is coming, but you can feel free to check in about it. One email is fine. Sending four more is not helping. That is slowing me down even more and also inconveniencing all the other clients I have to get to.
  • I am the one who is always in the same time zone, and dealing with clients in many different time zones, and because of this, I ask that when we are scheduling the sessions, that you use the EST (New York City time) time to schedule with me. Do not expect me to know what time zone you are in, even if you have already mentioned it. I may work with people in four different time zones in one day, so you have to be responsible for meeting with me on EST time.  If I say we have the session at 1 pm and somehow forget to say EST, you need to be aware that I mean 1 PM EST time.
  • 24-hour advance notice is required to reschedule a session. Unless some serious event or emergency has occurred to prevent you from participating. And if so, I’ll know ;)
  • When it comes to pricing, I do wish I could make this work affordable to everyone, but I have many expenses in order to even begin to be able to do this work properly, and to pay off the many years of education I needed to become a skilled Astrologer… A real Astrologer that is, not just someone who decides to charge for readings in their first year of study. I am old school.  I have been studying and practicing jyotish for over 10 years as of the time of this writing (2017).  Sacrificing a great deal of my best years of life {one’s twenties are usually considered so but of course this is relative for each person and their karma } A Vedic Astrology reading is a priceless thing at the end of the day. I only want to work with those who agree on this matter. There is no price you can put on work that is so hard that most of humanity still considers it impossible to do (predicting the future is not commonly believed to be possible). If you can do a job that most people would not believe possible, you would want to get paid accordingly.

Also, please take time to contemplate your life and what you would like to know about, beforehand.  If you are able to meditate, please do so before the session, as it will help you to be more receptive to what is heard.  It is in no way necessary, but if you like to take baths, you may want to do that before a session, if convenient.  In yogic tradition, it is advisable to bathe before hand as water helps to balance the chemical activity within the body, also helping to relax the body and clarify the mind.

In the old days, Vedic Astrologers did not have to charge as the King/government would support them, and people just offered what they had. One reading I may not get much, but the next reading I may be given a cow and rice and be fed for the whole year. It is a little more complicated nowadays.  To even afford good quality food and a peaceful space to do this work in is quite expensive here in the United States.  I really appreciate any additional donations a person may feel inclined to make, as it is very challenging financially to do what I do at this period. I am a very research oriented astrologer and I do not get as much time to research as I would like, since it doesnt pay the bills.  Same with mundane astrology, I would love to research what the hell is going to happen in this country over the next few years, but I have no time I can afford to set aside for that as no Nations are going to come to me looking for readings any time soon.  So I can only do what pays the bills at present. Donating money to me will help me take care of my mundane affairs so that I may have more time to devote to astrology research which is strongly needed at this time. People who get readings in person usually give me a small tip, so if you are not having a session in person, maybe consider a small donation, as a tip. I do not expect it, but it is greatly appreciated :)