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Financial Astrology and Cryptocurrency Class 9: Rahu and Ketu As Obstacles To Abundance

Class 9 in the ongoing Financial Astrology and Cryptocurrency course is now available at the Eye of the Veda University over on teachable! Rahu and Ketu are the main karmic obstacles to our abundance in life. They are like the highest karmic ceiling for the native or chart in question. Understanding them is crucial to any branch of astrology, and this class covers them in the financial context.

I just started this, so I will be adding a lot more classes to it as the year unfolds, and will also be doing a subscription based service. But for now, I have the most recent class I taught on Financial Astrology and Cryptocurrency. Check it out here!


This class is $27 and is almost 2 hours long, and comes with 2 manuals. One manual that comes with any of the Financial Astrology classes, and another manual specifically focused on Rahu and Ketu and how to read them. You also get access to the telegram group, to ask questions and share insights with other students and finanncial astrologers!

I have many more classes and courses planned for 2022, and I hope to see you over on teachable!

Mythological Image of Ketu, the Headless Deity

A New Course On Rahu and Ketu

I recently taught a course on the Lunar Nodes in Astrology with Nadia Smirnova, and it is now edited and available for purchase. This is a 4 hour course, with a 1 hour introduction to the Rahu and Ketu from Nadia, for only $35. I think that is a great price, personally.  The real value of this course is all the examples we give. We read the charts of 12 students in the class, and as I read and interpret their node positions, you get real-time live feedback about them from the people who experienced it. This helps us all learn so much more quickly than working on a theoretical level of astrology. Seeing the principles applied over and over in a live setting really reinforces how they work for the student. Click this link below to see the details of the course:


Nadia is a very skilled Western Astrologer with an impressive science background, having been a nuclear physicist for the USSR. She explains the Lunar Nodes with really wonderful scientific diagrams that actually show you what is going on visually when eclipses happen, and how that impacts us. This is very helpful for giving your intuition a sort of visual framework to refer to when dealing with these concepts.  This first hour is an introduction for those who know nothing about the Lunar Nodes.

After the first hour, I then step in and cover the Lunar Nodes more in detail, their mythology, what they represent, what they point to, and how they frequently play out as they are placed in different signs. We sort of follow a pattern of explaining a point, then applying it to charts. Then we explain another point and apply that to another chart, and so on.

We cover:

  • Rahu and Ketu’s movements, what is actually happening visually
  • Rahu and Ketu’s formation and mythology
  • Rahu and Ketu in all of the signs
  • Rahu and Ketu in all of the houses
  • Rahu and Ketu conjunct all of the planets.
  • Rahu and Ketu as significators of Ancestral Karma
  • What Rahu and Ketu represent overall
  • How to interpret the past life indications that Ketu is showing, with over 12 example charts.
  • How to interpret the present life karmas that Rahu is pointing towards, with over 12 example charts.

    rahu shristi pic
    Painting of the mythological description of Rahu, by Shristi Wilhelm. See more of her work here http://srishtiart.net/home