Tutoring/Learning Jyotish

If you love Astrology and want to learn it for yourself, you should.  I don’t have as much time for it these days, but when possible I do offer personal one on one tutoring classes.  This is a one-on-one type of session that we do over zoom or in person (if possible) and gives you the opportunity to learn Astrology through your own chart in a conversational style.  This is a really good way to learn.  This is the way that it seems most Astrologers would have learned in ancient times, sitting with a teacher and learning it one on one.  It will also be recorded and emailed to you afterwards, so that you can review it later at your own convenience.  You can also give me the charts of friends, family, and other people in your life and we can work through it step by step and learn to read the different areas of life for that person.  Since you know this person, and I don’t, it helps you to be objective and see how I might go about figuring out their chart.

1 hour session: $59 USD

If you are studying with me at Eye of the Veda University, I offer a discount for tutoring, because I know you will save me a lot of time and energy if you are already studying with me, so I offer tutoring sessions for $35 USD/hr for anyone who is taking my courses.

You will get a video and audio recording of the session so that you can review it later at your convenience.

You will also get a pdf of your chart and all of the vargas, dasas, etc. that we will study. I also give homework if one becomes a regular student, and in the beginning of the next class we can go over it before going onto the next lesson.

Send an email to Corey@eyeoftheveda.com if you would like to arrange a tutoring session. I will look at your chart and if it looks like we will work well together I will agree to tutoring you. We will schedule the session after it has been paid for and not before.

Also if you are considering this, please read over my “Scheduling and Work Policy” notes at the bottom of the Astrological Services page which can be found Here: https://eyeoftheveda.com/astrological-services/.

Testimonials for Tutoring:

“I have taken about 20 hours of classes with Corey within a six month span and it really made me feel more confident about practically applying knowledge and reading charts. Corey is a patient and savvy tutor and I would definitely recommend his guidance!” – C.A., Romania

“Corey is so incredibly gifted in his practices. I began to truly understand real Astrology only after I started my tutoring with him. After years of trying to “self study” I was so torn between using sidereal Vedic versus Western, it really blocked my progression. Corey really helped put everything into perspective and enabled me to see the accuracy and value in both the Vedic and Tropical systems. I also had him cast a Prashna for me when I was trying to make an important decision around attending school and it was so amazingly accurate / insightful / helpful — I couldn’t jhave been more impressed and I cannot recommend his services and expertise enough. Corey is extremely passionate and devoted, and it truly shines through in his work and his offerings / services.” – KF, Los Angeles

“I took several tutoring sessions with Corey when I first started to seriously study Vedic Astrology.  Corey is a highly intelligent astrologer and an incredibly interesting person, which shines through in his tutoring.  He brought birth charts to life by sharing real examples from his own life and people who he knows personally, which was a great relief to me as many astrologers choose to study off of celebrity charts.  Tutoring with Corey solidified some of the basics, revealed some holes in my foundational knowledge and generally allowed me to gain confidence in my ability to read natal charts, which I do on a regular basis now as part of my professional practice.  Corey is a storehouse of astrological knowledge and offers his unique perspective to the craft.  I would highly recommend his services to any budding astrologer that is in need of a gifted tutor.”  – N.B., MN

“I have been working with Corey for 6 months now and have really enjoyed the experience. He is a natural astrologer with great knowledge, committed and extremely patient. I spent a long time researching Vedic astrologers and was delighted when Corey agreed to be my tutor, an honour to learn from someone I have admired from afar and now doing one to one lessons with across the other side of the world.
He has polished up and refined my knowledge and I hope one day I will be as good an astrologer as he is. Would highly recommend Corey.”
“I am a student of vedic astrology, I met Corey Dowds at the Sedona  conference. He was approachable knowledgeable, and polite when I and another student asked for help. I later reached out to him to tutor me, we have had several sessions over the past year.
His guidance and patience has helped me unravel what was unclear to me.  Tutoring  one on one with Corey has been beneficial for my on going studies.” –From your  Canadian student who appreciates you. Thank you – Z.S.