Astrology Reports

An astrological report may not be able to replace a full reading from a real human being with experience who is interpreting your entire chart, but it is the next best thing. So if my wait time is too long and you need an urgent answer, you may want to get one of these reports:

The Astrological Compatibility Report:

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The Male Relationship Capacity Report:

(Because we frequently overemphasize compatibility when it is really our capacity to be in relationships that we need to understand better)

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The Female Relationship Capacity Report:

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Electional Astrology/ Muhurta Report: For electing auspicious dates to start important projects

Muhurta is a wonderful tool of jyotish, and this calculator uses an exhaustive amount of calculations to find all of the most auspicious times in a given window of time for a chosen endeavor. For example if you want to get married at an astrologically auspicious time, or open a business, or begin a spiritual practice, a good muhurta will make whatever it is go much smoother and more harmoniously. And again, we must remember that this is not going to be as great as if we personally hired someone to do a muhurta for us, but it is affordable and works well under time constraints.

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The “Looking forward to it” Calendar: A Calendar of all of the most auspicious transit days of the year for your chart

This calendar focuses on fourteen important events that can be triggered by transits at different times throughout the month. It 14 areas it focuses on are: “love, marriage, financial fortune, health, the doing of great things, unexpected days of good fate, knowledge, days of benefiting from your unique strengths and talents, emotional fulfillment, days where you shine, important days of associating with others, financial wellbeing, productive times with your partner including children, and days where you have the freedom to make the changes in your life that you desire.”

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