NOTE: It is important to remember that each person is a completely unique individual with completely unique karma, and so no particular result can be promised for each person.  Each person gets what they are meant to get, but this is not always what they may want to get.  There is a difference. But here are 40 unique testimonials that may be helpful for one to get a feel for what can happen with an astrology reading.


“Around a year ago I had a reading and rectification with Corey. I didn’t have any real ideas for the reading, I was just keen to learn more about my chart from a Vedic Astrology point of view, as I had dipped in and out of Western Astrology for years, but never really found any satisfaction or resonance with it. The reading was all I had hoped for and more – Corey was quickly able to explain various occurrences of my childhood and even predicted that I’d be a couple of inches shorter than my brothers, which is true. From my chart, he was able to link my interests and work to the influences and even to tell me about the nature of my wife’s work, which was accurate. Various other interesting insights came, including about my brother’s nature. So it was a thrilling experience and one that I have referred to constantly since it happened. I thoroughly recommend Corey and I am keen to further my own study of Vedic Astrology 🙂 ”  – Eddie P., UK
“Corey advised me on trying a remedy. The way he broke it down for me was something that I really resonated with. It was very different to what I’ve experienced in the past. It wasn’t a set of mindless instructions I had to follow. I’m saying this as I’ve been asked to do various superstitious activities as remedies in the past. This was more spiritual and made a lot of sense to me. I experienced an unbelievable change when I finished doing what he advised, mindfully. It really helped me change the course of my life and move forward. Very grateful for his efforts and good work.  I highly recommend readings with Corey. ” – Niyati P.,  Goa, India
 “Not only did Corey provide an outstanding astrology reading, I can wholeheartedly say he provided the best counsel of my life.
   He was within minutes able to break down the major themes and issues of my life. Without ever having met me and only having corresponded prior through email, he was able to help illuminate my main “problems” while also building enough rapport to the point where I would consider him a friend.
    A wise person is able to communicate vital messages through even silence. There was a subtle moment in the reading where he paused mid-sentence as to not have me, what I assume, misinterpret a message. But even in doing so he confirmed something so profound and relevant. That was a glimpse at his understanding of the complexities of astrology. I was absolutely blown away.
    He also provided both a direct and indirect heartwarming reminder that I should just learn to relax. Normally when someone tells me to relax I just kind of shrug it off. But when he did it with such a light-hearted approach it carried so much weight.
    He was able to provide fantastic remedies that have been work wonders thus far.
    With all that said, I can only imagine what else he is capable of with astrology. If he was able to fulfill all my quandaries with such precision, I am confident that he is well versed in the vast realm of astrology and can help many people with any issues they may have.” – Caio F.,  New York, NY
Corey is a longtime student of Ernst Wilhelm (probably the best astrologer in today’s world). Usually you would like your astrologer to be a bit older, but Corey with his thirty something years has accumulated already quite an extensive knowledge of Jyotish. In tutoring lessons he showed me many very useful Jaimini techniques and elucidated my understanding about the basic elements of a chart (grahas, rashis, bhavas, vargas…) He tailored the tutoring classes individually according to my needs and wishes as a learner. In between classes he was always available to answer questions.
Recently I took a reading for health and wellbeing. He explained to me the meaning of the karmic nodal axis with great psychological insight. Reflecting on this dichotomy is indeed transformative. He also gave me some practical remedies, which are very helpful and also make perfect sense in the context of my chart. When somebody asks me for a good, solid astrologer, I won’t hesitate to recommend Corey.
I am grateful that I have found Corey and look forward to future readings/lessons with him. Check out his Youtube channel!” –Daniel R., Germany
“I had a great intuitive reading with Corey. He is honest and doesn’t hold back.
He gave me a great advice about practical changes I needed to make. It is easy to follow Corey’s advice, because he is committed to enlightenment and living a healthy life. I would describe him as a guru that practices what he preaches. If you are considering a reading from Corey, please follow my advice and get it. ” – Anonymous, USA
“When I first came to know Corey, he immediately struck me as someone who is not about his ego. He understands that it´s not about him. It´s about the people who he gives guidance to. It´s also prominent that he is a well of knowledge when it comes to Vedic science, and practices what he preaches. I had a dharma reading with Corey, and I gained much insight into my past and present, along with acquiring tools from him to make the most out of my journey. I would say that one of his many strengths is mediating how to take action in specific circumstances that have, and will come up in your life, to create the best possible, you. His genuine approach gave me an understanding of my life, and he gave clear-cut answers that made me learn more about myself. I highly recommend getting a reading from him. His demeanor is warm and kind. He is honest and non-superficial in his gentle disposition, where he pauses in between sentences to create space in between his thoughts which gives you a feeling that he is considerate, attentive, and strives to communicate correctly while he is interpreting your chart. Another special thing I found about Corey, is how he has honed in on his intuition when it comes to sensing omens, which can also happen in his readings, and for me, I experienced undeniable synchronicity with something that came up during the session. The overall experience was wonderful and I will definitely go back for another reading in the future.”  – Disa L., Iceland.
“I received 2 character readings from Corey and was absolutely blown away by how much a complete stranger could tell me about my kids. He was able to tell me things so specific about them like things they might say, to how they view their internal workings. In just a short amount of time after using some of the suggestions he recommended, there is a noticeable difference in my children. They seem happier and more themselves. It feels like I was only able to see my kids before through a blurry lens and with these readings I can see them more in focus. It was also was fascinating seeing ancestral karma in my kids charts and how our karmas overlap. I would highly recommend this type of reading for anyone with a kid!! My only regret is not asking for a reading sooner!” – A.J., Texas

“I reached out to Vedic astrologer Corey Dowds after seeing him and another Vedic astrologer/teacher of mine do a YouTube video together.  Corey seemed very knowledgeable and very compassionate about astrology.  When I received the email and recording of my reading from him, he spoke very clearly and concisely. There were things that he said that I should consider doing that luckily I had already intuitively considered and chose to do before hearing it from him. This amazed me. What a blessing that I received validation from myself and him about certain choices I should be making in life. He is very good at his job as a Vedic astrologer and I would recommend him to any and all people interested in receiving astrology readings from a professional such as him. ” Jordan A.,  Huntington, WV

“The best part about a reading from Corey is that it is accurate, concise, and with a spiritual slant. I was happy with my reading and the dates I was made aware of helped me to avoid conflicts and accept circumstances beyond my control. He is a joy to communicate with and knows exactly what you need to hear to make your life healthy wealthy and wise. Thank you Corey, for the continued readings and helping me to live a more fulfilled spiritual life . ”  -Karen I., Charleston SC

Venus, the planet of gratitude

“Corey Dowds has a true passion for the art and science of Astrology and the reading that I received from him exhibited nothing less.  Not only was my personal consultation with Corey incredibly accurate, it was thoughtful, honest, and well researched.  I specifically asked for insight into my strengths and weaknesses on my career path to which he was able to help me define more confidently and objectively as well. I would highly recommend the services of Corey Dowds to anyone. Not only is he gifted at Astrology and Intuitive, but a true intellectual with a passion for humanity!”  –Matt F., New Orleans, LA

“I had an “Ayurvedic Astrological Reading”, with Corey Sir and his reading has changed my outlook towards health and life in general. He has interpreted my health issues that I am currently experiencing in such a way as if he was there with me throughout life. He saw it all. He has recommended me some minor lifestyle changes and healthy habits. He has advised me as to what to eat and what not to eat throughout my life in order to feel good about me. More importantly the food recommendation is based on my astrological chart. The best part is he has given me the reason as to why should I avoid a particular food and why should I eat a specific food based on the energy that the food contain. Thank you Corey Sir for making me more health conscious and blessing me for better health in future.” – Ankit Agarwal, India

“I started coming to Corey with questions about 4 years ago.  His insight into my chart and my karmic predicament has been extremely helpful.  He has always found a way to relate the complex relations of forces into meaningful statements that have helped me along my way.  I feel that his work as an astrologer is both technically adept and compassionately insightful.  I would recommend him to anyone with questions of personal importance.”           –Zach T., Johns Island, SC

“I just relistened to all the calls and wanted to say thank you for sharing. There was so much accuracy looking back and connecting the dots. I did fall into a relationship January 2017 but it became more serious in 2018 as you mentioned…. I just landed a job with a Health company which you said is what I do good in the world with. It’s a multiple 6 figure salary which you said was going to bring wealth…. As predicted with the Sun, I did have an immune issue early 2018 with Shingles. Also with Rahu, I became very engaged in Cryptocurrency/Bitcoin investing early 2018(Rahu) as you mentioned something in computers and technology. So much accuracy in your readings and I wanted to say thank you. Through all the worldly desires, Im realizing more it won’t bring happiness and need to focus even more on my own inner happiness and spirituality and relisting to this opened my mind again. I’m looking forward to a future reading 🙂 ”  –Anonymous, Canada

“Thank you for the spiritual astrological reading. Been listening to it over and over again, taking down notes and contemplating life in both the spiritual and material world. Trying to be present and accept everything around me as is. I would recommend Corey Dowds of Eye of the Veda and Ryan Kurczak of Asheville Vedic Astrology for anyone interested in an astrological reading anytime, any day. You guys rock! I am so glad I found you guys despite living on different ends of the world.”          –Stefanie F., Singapore

“Dude! The reading was amazing! I think validating describes it best. I truly got a lot from it, so thank you. I want to say that first of all. You told me to enjoy, and I did. You made me laugh in a few places and I just like your style; I’m so glad I found you. ” – Jeff P., Dallas TX

“It was not by accident that I came across Corey’s website last year. I believe people come into our lives for a reason; there are no coincidences.  Corey reminds me that everything is going to be okay.  We all have a Winter and Summer to our life and sometimes we are faced with difficult situations to learn whatever lessons we are learning.  I recently I listened to a recording of a relationship reading I got from Corey.  In addition to the accuracy of his analysis, Corey provided me with a lot insights to help me have a more fulfilled life.  It’s obvious that Corey was meant to be a Vedic Astrologer.  He truly is a wonderful human being.”  – Nadia A., Canada
“I have known Corey Dowds from his early childhood so I was happy to give his knowledge of Vedic Astrology a try.  I was considering becoming a massage therapist and was interested in knowing whether success in that field would be indicated in my chart. I was amazed at the amount of information Corey was able to glean from my reading and how accurately it reflected my strengths and weaknesses. It was a more detailed forecast than your average zodiac sign reading. And yes, he said massage would definitely be a good career choice for me.  That was over two years ago and I am now a practicing massage therapist with a happy and steady clientele.”  – Laura M., Mt. Pleasant SC

“Corey is an incredible Vedic astrologer with great passion and knowledge in the art of astrology! His wisdom and ability has helped me navigate through tumultuous times in my life and helped me to understand why things are evolving as they are. He is honest and truthful and doesn’t “Candy coat” or tiptoe around. He dives deep into his work and dedicates many hours to each client. He is a kind and loving soul without judgement or preconceptions. He is dedicated to helping humanity and makes the world a better place with his presence and grace. I am grateful for his guidance and recommend his services to anyone soul searching and trying to work through the many karmic layers in our lives.”- Jenifer M., Folly Beach SC

“I went to Corey for just a general reading, based more on intuition than a set plan.  He told me about a number of placements in my chart and the meaning behind them.  I connected strongly with a lot of what he was saying.  It was a very insightful and also fun experience.  I will be going back soon for a more specific, specialized reading.  I would recommend anyone to get a consultation from Corey.  You might learn something new.  ”    -Nick C., Charleston SC

“Corey is a genuine and knowledgeable astrologer. The readings were accurate and insightful that provided a better understanding of my life path. He has been great to communicate with and is sincere in his work.  I left the reading with a renewed feeling of confidence in my life.  Thank you again”  – Malisha P., Ontario, CA

“Where do I begin?  I had a Foundational Birth Chart Reading with Corey and I have had other astrological readings in the past.  This is my first Vedic Astrological reading and this reading was by far the most accurate.  He told me information that no one knows about me personally. My reading has answered a lot of questions for me that will help me in my future decisions.  I would recommend him to anyone that may need some guidance in any areas of their life.  Thank you Corey!  -Yahne, Ohio

“When I met Corey Dowds several years ago I thought it had been by chance, however, I believe that the “powers that be” made sure our paths crossed.  He has helped me in more than one area of my life. His reading was right on target – he was able to go into detail about parts of my life that were painful and he was able to help me understand my journey in life spiritually, emotionally and to embrace it. Corey is an intelligent young man of integrity, refreshing honesty and innate kindness. He has an “old soul” which combined with his studies of philosophical concepts, meditation/yoga and Vedic Astrology gives him insight that many of us do not have. These qualities enable him to help guide us to learn to accept and take the power within ourselves to live a healthier, more peaceful, happy and harmonious life.  I highly recommend Corey to everyone! Whether you choose to ask a single question, have an Ayurvedic Astrological Reading, or a birth chart reading, I guarantee that you will find it amazing, insightful, and an altogether excellent experience.”

-Katherine M., Oradell, New Jersey

“Thank you soo much for your reading on me..
I find it more optimistic and understand I still got lot more to face in life till the age of 50..  But your predictions gave me strength and made me more positive towards what I have to do in future and Plan it well.
Thanks Corey.. I would recommend you to my fellow friends if they require astrological reading.” –Sri Ram, Singapore

“Gosh, seriously I’m soo surprised you knew on top of that – you knew in that exact instance. Your advice makes me happy and my heart jump. I feel eternal gratitude for your efforts and wisdom Corey. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. ” – Christian M.,  Germany

Saturn, the planet of service and Karma Yoga
“I have reason to believe that Corey’s readings are accurate. He has a gift for
doing astrological charts which I really appreciate after having done them now
for 30 years. I’ve recommended him to some people and will continue to do so.”
-Ann T., Asheville NC
“Corey did a birth chart for me in April and I am so pleased with his services. He recorded the whole thing which was about 2 hours so I can listen to it whenever I want, which is super helpful. Corey is a rare kind of person, and actually one of kind from what I’ve seen. I met him about 8 years ago in North Carolina and we quickly became friends, as I found him incredibly interesting and profoundly empathetic. He was just getting into astrology in its purest form back then but his backround in horticulture and general passion for nature and health- body and mind, gives his advice and readings so much validity. I plan on doing more research and using his services again and again! I recommend his practice to friends and family. I love talking about  it, he is helping people understand themselves and others. He is searching for answers and I think most people are too.” – Johanna K., Atlanta, GA
“Corey’s insights resonated with me and confirmed many thoughts I’ve had myself. His readings give me a vote of confidence to continue on my path.” – Well B.,  Charleston, SC
The moon, taken from my home where I work.
 “Corey helped me to discover my true natal chart, and his reading helped me discover what kinds of work I really appreciate.” – Justin T.,  Charleston, SC
“I was introduced to Corey by Michael Reed and I thought who is this new kid in the block. But if Michael is recommending someone, he has to be something. So, I decided to go ahead with the reading and sure he was right about it. Corey is one of the few astrologers who gives you the holistic and complete picture of life. His readings are not all about the predictions and how much wealth you will have but what is your true dharma and how to attain the ultimate goal of life and at the same time not losing track of the current life situations.
You can truly feel the Gods at work when he speaks. He is definitely meant to do this divine art and his guidance helps us to transcend the material life we are so much entrapped in. Highly recommend anyone to get a reading from him. You will not regret it!”
– Pillai, Singapore


“Corey Dowds is an excellent astrologer! He cares about his clients and is very thorough in his assessment! He has empathy for his clients and doesn’t just see them as a grouping of planets!” – Michael R., UK
  “Corey predicted I collected taxes for a living.  He gave me a deeper appreciation of astrology.” –  Geoff L.  Vancouver Canada.
  “Corey Dowds is a marvelous astrologer par excellence! He gives an all-round treatment selflessly and is a real human! He is empathetic and very logical in his readings. He doesn’t work superficially but digs deep into intricacies. He spends time helping others and replying to every query. He is a angelic soul working into reconstructing lives. Kudos and thanks! May God bless you” Regards, Meghna A, India
“I found Corey’s reading to be very lucid & perceptive. He offered a lot of sound advice, not only about my concerns, but about various areas of my life, which was nice. You can tell, without a doubt, that he’s a gifted astrologer who loves and cares about what he does. I especially like the fact that he includes mantra, avatar, deity & book recommendations at the end of his reading, if you want that. I would recommend Corey without hesitation.”
– Carmelina
 “I found Corey after watching one of his interviews on youtube. I’m not sure what it was about him, but somehow I  knew he was the astrologer I wanted to work with.I had a lot of questions about myself but decided to only get an intuitive reading. I’m glad I started with a basic reading because it gave me more than enough information to contemplate before getting another, more extensive reading.Corey is down-to-earth, positive, and very easy to talk to, which made my reading especially enjoyable. His love to help others through astrology is apparent, as he seemed as interested in my birth chart as I was. My intuitive reading was spot on and was exactly what I needed to hear.  I highly recommend Corey’s services.” – J.K. WV, USA
 “I contacted Corey, so he could delve into why I always tend to end up with the same outcome in my personal life. His insights into my character, tendencies, and even his awareness of certain physical issues exceeded my expectations! He knew how I conducted my personal life, and why I acted in certain ways.  He was also able to know that I have skin issues at times, such as eczema.  It is all very precise!  It’s truly amazing what he can discern with only your birth information! He will surprise you, in a good way!  He is extremely skilled and possesses a great conversational, yet comforting tone to his readings. Vedic astrology is rather complex and requires a great deal of education. I view it as a type of science, along with some intuition, that makes for an accurate Vedic astrologer. It’s clear that Corey has these skills. I plan on utilizing his guidance to change the outcome in my personal life for the better and will hire him again to address some other areas of my life. I highly recommend him!”  – L.L.,  Washington, D.C.
“After hearing Corey speak on astrology at a local workshop, I felt that I wanted to further educate myself on my own, specific birth chart reading. I was able to see him for an “intuitive reading” and it has left me wanting to learn and know more! Corey is incredibly knowledgeable and intuitive about conveying his understanding of your reading in a tangible, relatable and sensible way. The reading was very validating for me and gave me some insights and perspectives that I have been unable to achieve on my own so far. Essentially, based on these impressions as well as the accuracy and relevant nature of the reading, I would recommend Corey to anyone interested in furthering their spiritual journey!” – Sophia W. Charleston, SC
“First of all I really thank you for your true efforts that created an aura of positivity in my mind at the time of hearing your voice recording.

Secondly I would like to thank my Father “My Guru”  that searched you in this whole world who really helped me to proceed with my business that I was thinking to quit.
Your reading is truly magical and all that you spoke about me is perfectly correct.
This reading has really helped me to understand my inner strength,and has given me courage to stand again and fight the odds. Also my temperament towards the work has really changed and I think I remain less stressed now after knowing all the facts.
U r an amazing person I really thank you for your blessings.”  – Anonymous, India

 “Corey really nailed it (predictive reading). Conclusive proof for me that Astrology and Corey are the real deal.” – Michael, Australia
“At a challenging time in my life, I was inclined to reach out to an astrologer for insight. I chose to contact Corey, and I’m glad that I did! Corey was very accommodating and instantly put me at ease. I was thrilled to receive a genuine and well thought out reading that I can refer back to at any time. He helped me understand why my life is challenging at this time and what I can focus on to get through it. I look forward to consulting with Corey in the future to help me on my life journey.” – Tara C., Canada
“Wow, I was half way through my dharma recording when I realized that
it was like Corey knew me but he never met me. He was just reading
from my chart! Sheesh, what a fun trip. The reading painted an
accurate picture of my overall place in life at this moment and the
advice is very sound.” –Anonymous, California