Join My 4th Financial Astrology And Cryptocurrency Zoom Study Group! The Live Class Will Be Friday May 7th!

The 4th Financial Astrology study group will be this friday, May 7th, at 10:30 AM, EDT time, for 1.5-2 hrs! The previous 3 classes were a lot of fun! I suggest taking those as prerequisites but it is not required. Links to the previous classes can be found at the bottom of the page.

For this class we will focus on dodgecoin, ethereum, and some techniques involving planetary dignity and avasthas, and whatever else we have time for. As always, if you cant make it to the live class, you can get a copy of the recording anytime.

The class structure will be the same as the others, with a lesson in the beginning portion, and include a 5 minute break around the 45 minute mark. After we focus more on an open Q and A style and offer more input from the group and a forecast for the coming weeks. If we have time we will look at more individual charts as well.

To Join the group: email and title it “crypto zoom study group”. Be sure to follow the payment procedure listed below and your email will be on the list! If you are paying with crypto, all you have to do is share the first few digits of your wallet address in the email, and include what coin you paid with so I can confirm your payment. If paying with venmo or paypal, just share your email in the “note” part of the payment. This will be the email that I send the zoom link invite to.

Fee: $25/USD or $14/BTC, ETH, or XLM. You get a video recording of the session to go over afterwards, as well as any relevant pdfs of jyotish or market material. (There is a discount if you pay with crypto because that shows you are serious and already have some understanding of the market, and are more likely to be an asset to the group. I also want to encourage people to actually use these coins over fiat currency.)

The crypto payment may seem intimidating at first but is very simple. Just send crypto to one of the wallet addresses I list below, and then when you write me your email, mention what coin you paid with and give the first couple digits of the crypto wallet address. That way I know it was you. When that goes through you are on the lineup and can expect a zoom invite link just 10 minutes before the class. (For example if I was paying with bitcoin as my payment, in the note I would say my address starts with “bc1q”. These are the last few digits of my bitcoin wallet address listed below. If paying with Litecoin I would give “ltc1q4″.)

BITCOIN ADDRESS: bc1q5hymjshyquel6x03yk924qyfh8pf0f3kzmzpz7

ETHEREUM ADDRESS: 0x5B23AAd2Ea4CD16282E0E587E32f669922E5bbA9

LITECOIN ADDRESS: ltc1q4xrhl5n004wlj5fzfj5223z5898xwth7ty987a

Stellar (XLM) ADDRESS:


(If you can pay with one of those simple crypto options it is preferable.)

Now for those that have coinbase, there is an even simpler way to pay with no fees at all:

If you use your desktop coinbase exchange account, you can now send me any coin on coinbase, and to send it to me all you need is my email. The email to send to is, and thats all you need to have. This is done internally through coinbase and doesnt even require the blockchain so its also instant, and thats why it requires no fee. You can also send any coin you want that is on coinbase.

Coinbase email:

Paying with Paypal or Venmo:

If paying with paypal or venmo, simply click this link below, and follow the steps provided. When that goes through you are on the list! Venmo is preferred since they take no fee.

Venmo: CoreyDowds1

NOTE: If you have any questions about this, feel free to send me an email. But I am getting a lot of emails about this service and am trying to streamline it as much as possible. All you have to do is make the payment, include your email address in the note, and you can be sure you will be on the list. So if I dont get time to write you back or anything, just know that you will be on there if you follow the protocol.

Looking forward to it!

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2 thoughts on “Join My 4th Financial Astrology And Cryptocurrency Zoom Study Group! The Live Class Will Be Friday May 7th!

  1. I am interested in purchasing all of the videos. Is it possible to make one payment? If so, would you confirm if this is correct amount, please: 20+24+25+25=$94
    Also, wish I could pay in crypto, and confident I’ll be able after watching these videos of yours.
    Peace and Light,

    1. Hey Colleen, sorry just now seeing this but yes thats fine you can do it all for $94, and I’ll just send all the videos and pdfs over in one email. Thanks! happy to have you in the group 🙂

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