Learn to Meditate

yogananda-portable-paradieI am now offering one on one meditation training sessions (over zoom) for those who want to learn to meditate. Meditation is one of the best ways of working with our karma to maximize the good influences in our life and minimize the stress of the unwanted factors. Even the worst planetary placements in a birth chart can be gradually transformed, weakened, and/or optimized through regular meditation practice. The key is to just hire a meditation trainer, just like you would hire a personal trainer or any other professional to train you in a skill.

Almost anyone can learn to meditate, but it is a skill that must be taught and practiced repeatedly until it becomes natural.  It is no different from learning to play guitar or learning to ride a skateboard. If you do not practice it, you will never learn. Even if you have the best guitar, or the best teacher, it really requires practice.  However, most people cannot seem to make themselves just sit still alone for 20-30 minutes.  Yet, if someone else is there instructing them, they can make themselves do it.

That is the aim of these sessions that I am now offering.  Many people that I suggest learning to meditate, their chart shows they would be great at it, and they are willing, but they have never learned how.  The “How” is the major missing part in todays day. Now I am going to offer my 1 on 1 services to help people learn to meditate.

Sessions will be 1 hour long. We will go over techniques and the meditation process in the first 10 minutes. Then we will practice for 15 minutes. Then we will discuss the experience and go over techniques for another 5-10 minutes.  Then we will sit and meditate again for 20 minutes. We will conclude with 5 more minutes of question/answer or just feedback, or we can just sit for 5 more minutes if there are no questions to be answered. You will get a recording of the session so that you can practice it again on your own.

1 hr session :  $33 USD

All sessions will be recorded with an mp3 recorder and emailed afterwards so that you can review the session and practice again and again on your own time.

If you would like to book a meditation practice session, send an email to: corey@eyeoftheveda.com


My Background-  I have been meditating every day for at least 30 minutes per day since October of 2008. This October (2022) will mark 14 years of daily kriya yoga practice, with the only exceptions being short periods of being sick for a couple of days or not being able to practice due to traveling for more than 24hrs.

I was initiated into the Kriya Yoga meditation tradition of Mahavatar Babaji and Lahiri Mahashaya. I teach from that foundation. Of course I have had my own insights and discoveries as well.  But if you were wondering, that is the guru lineage that I am a part of. I was taught by Roy Eugene Davis, a direct disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda, and Mr. Davis’s student, Ryan Kurczak.  Being only one link away from Yogananda (thru Mr. Davis) I was very lucky to find the right path for me early on.

Kriya yoga is not a religion, though it can be for some, but it is more like a course of action. As such, it is compatible with any culture or religious background of any time or place.  I teach meditation in a way that is compatible with anyone, regardless of belief structures, but I can also teach it in a way that is more in line with Indian culture and Hinduism (Sanatan Dharma) if that is desired.  You can get it with the Sanskrit terms, or just in plain English, if that is easier for you.

To learn more about Roy Eugene Davis click here https://csa-davis.org/

If you cannot afford any lessons, I still would really love to help as many people learn to meditate as possible, so here is a free guided meditation from my youtube channel. This is an excerpt from a private meditation lesson I had with one of my ongoing meditation students. This will also give you an example of what we will be practicing.