The ancient Rishis of India were said to have “known the Veda”.  The Sanskrit word Veda roughly means “true knowledge”.  This word represents the truths of the Vedic philosophy, or Hinduism, which are universal in application.  Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) is said to be the “Eye of the Veda” in that it is a lens through which we can perceive the “true knowledge” of life.  It is a way to see the Divine at work in everyday life, or to see an underlying order in the apparent chaos of life.

These Seers of antiquity were somehow able to use this “eye” to see and vastly appreciate this profound correlation between the planetary behavior of the solar system and the way that human karma is played out in earthly incarnations and shared it with others so that they too could better see divinity and wonder in awe at what is going on all around them.

A skilled astrologer can use the horoscope as a lens to perceive what a particular individual soul is experiencing or desiring to experience. Some have compared the birth chart, or natal horoscope, to be like a road map of where the soul has been in past incarnations and where it is going.

Vedic Astrology is a vast and profound tool to help us learn to make the best of our situation, no matter where we are in life’s journey.  We can learn to make efforts in directions that help us maximize the quality of our life, and lessen the unwanted parts. Life on earth has its share of suffering, but through wise and intelligent action, we can prevent or minimize much of the suffering that we go through. Sometimes the steps we have to take to avoid a possible problem are easy, and sometimes they are hard. It depends on how deep those karmas are in the person, and the horoscope reveals all of this.

From the vedic viewpoint, everything is pure consciousness, pure existence, and we are not other than this pure essence.  There is nothing but wholeness when we get right down to it.  Because of this, there is no separation between physical and spiritual realities, and to help one mundanely IS to help one spiritually.