Eye Of The Veda 2022 Updates

Here I will give some updates on Eye of the Veda and what I have been up to, as well as what I am planning for 2022. First off, my site got hacked! Oh no! I lost some of the posts for all the courses I have taught since June of 2021. It was annoying to say the least, but now I am motivated to start building up a more legitimate school and to teach a lot more in 2022. Eye of the Veda is now moving everything over to teachable.com and will be starting the Eye of the Veda University. This will be where I formally teach new students Astrology, Meditation, and other topics. I will even be able to give out certificates for students that complete courses, which appeals to me because in the jyotish tradition there is a big emphasis on the teacher/student relationship. In Jyotish you can be given scrolls by your teacher showing that you have mastered certain skills. So I like that we can work towards that as well, and teaching with a more structured approach. I can teach all kinds of classes and they can be bought individually, or thru a subscription service. Be on the lookout for more updates and future courses through teachable. Follow my telegram to get all the updates, free of big tech censorship https://t.me/eyeoftheveda Check out the youtube as well for more updates www.youtube.com/eyeoftheveda

I am still offering readings, and they have been going great, all is well there. I plan to teach a jyotish and yoga philosophy course from the ground up, as well as more financial astrology, a nakshatra course, and rahu and ketu courses. For now you can still order any of the financial astrology courses, but just send me an email if interested, because I dont officially have those posted anywhere at the moment. When the teachable is complete they will be available there.

I am almost done editing my book, which is called Astrologically Understanding Movies. It is a book about how all the best myths, movies and stories of any sort follow the same patterns as Astrology and the zodiac. Ive finished writing it and just need to edit and publish it, so I hope to get this done in 2022.

So the main focus for Eye of the Veda in 2022 will be teaching and building the Eye of the Veda University, as well as getting my book out. Stay tuned for more!

Corey Teaching an
Astrological Workshop in Asheville, NC in 2018

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