Predictions: December 2019-January 2020 Eclipse Period

I have not had too much time to study this in-depth, but it really looks like these upcoming eclipses are going to cause some world-changing events. Likely major economic shifts. I wanted to write a little about this while I have time…There could be economic or survival threats and challenges with this happening in the earth sign of Capricorn which deals with survival. Capricorn is also a movable, changeable sign, so this is a point where major long term changes can occur. This rashi also has to do with all of the big worldly structures that we humans have built. It seems like many of the powerful and elite are finally getting hit with a reality check that was long overdue. That is definitely going to continue. No rational thinker can deny that the indictments were unsealed and the Epstein arrest happened within days of the last eclipse, as well as the major earthquakes in California. There are still many more unsealed indictments. Indictments are used to prosecute organized crime at very high levels in an immediate fashion so that no evidence can be destroyed. This means that the Government knows about a lot of major crime and is ready and waiting, lurking in the dark waters of the swamp for just that right moment to strike….Remind you of a certain aquatic animal that is literally the sanskrit name of this sign? The Makara, or Crocodile, is the sanskrit name for Capricorn. This sign is known for appearing slow and dull and just trodding along, and then all of a sudden out of nowhere doing something very powerful. { Capricorn is also where we get the word “Capricious”, which means “motivated by sudden whim or fancy.” }

The Crocodile is known for being very still for long periods of time, and then taking a sudden powerful action. It is the apex predator but rules from behind the scenes.

This sign also rules the common folk, which will not let the Epstein story fade away like so many other important news stories have. There have been ongoing “Epstein didn’t kill himself” memes everywhere. There will have to be more ongoing legal actions with the Epstein case and there will likely be a lot more arrests going on of high profile figures coming up this Christmas, new years, and throughout the winter. Even the mysterious figure (that is so controversial I will just say that they go by the 17th letter of the alphabet) has been saying that there will be more arrests before the end of the year as well. This is all very interesting and does seem to be in line with the astrological trends. The amount of people who are becoming more interested in alternative views and media is increasing dramatically. Astrology has become tremendously more popular in the last year, as a result. New ways of thinking are accepted everywhere. New paradigms are not being smashed immediately every time anymore. Is it possible that we have reached a critical mass already? Is it possible that things are actually already much better than the mainstream media is telling us?

From another angle, economy experts have been talking about a downshift in the economy for some time and it is very likely that this might finally happen since every time Jupiter leaves a place of good dignity and enters a lower dignity place, there does seem to be a downtick in the world economy. This could occur in the next 2-3 weeks or it may not occur until January if the holiday season keeps the economy buffered until January.

What we might see is a record low for black friday spending. Black friday is called this because it is the day when all the departments stores go from being “in the red” that year, to being “in the black”, meaning, profitable. Perhaps that will not hold so true this year. With all this Capricorn energy running, there will be a lot of people wanting to hold tight to their wallets. (Whether that’s a great idea or not will depend on each person’s chart)

The thing about Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn with Ketu is that this is showing that old structures based on outdated religions, beliefs, cults, or just outdated worldviews are needing to be dissolved and are going to be dissolved one way or the other. Prince Andrew has stepped down from his official royal duties as a result of his obvious associations with Epstein. Faith in the white house is very low. Faith in the mainstream media is very low. All of these structures that previously held so much power and control over us are being threatened right now. They are appearing obsolete and outdated. Google’s insider Zach Vorhies has made it abundantly clear that Google wishes to control and manipulate the public for its own agenda, suppressing sites that they choose to, selling our private data to other countries, denying cold fusion exists and yet creating their own cold fusion projects so as to corner the market, the list goes on and on. Facebook has also gotten a lot of bad press lately. Its time for some new things to replace them if they cannot change and adapt to the times.

We will continue to have new advancements and rollouts in aviation and in free energy, we will move away from fossil fuels even faster. Jupiter represents energy and Saturn will force the world to change its energy structures. As I said in my previous video on Saturn in Capricorn, I predicted in April of 2018 that we would see new advancements in aviation, new types of airplanes or new ways of flying. I also said we would see the UFO controversy taken seriously. Here is the video if you want to watch it, at 8 min in I talked about how there will be crazy new advancements in aviation happening during this period. I said “Major changes in our aviation….we will go up into space more”, and “ufo disclosures may occur, and ufos will definitely be taken more seriously over the next 2.5 years”

An image of one of Boeing’s new Aircrafts

Now keep in mind that I said all that before we saw these new inventions come out in the media. Check out this new engine that will enable flights from the UK to Australia in just 4 hours!

The article states:

“Flights to Australia from the UK could become just a four-hour journey in the near future, thanks to a new engine that’s currently being developed. Meanwhile, a flight between the UK and New York could become a one-hour journey. UK-based firm Reaction Engines has been working on a Synergetic Air Breathing Rocket Engine (SABRE), which could propel an aircraft to Mach 5.4. Basically, that’s the equivalent of five times the speed of sound. The idea is that a SABRE engine will be able to deliver the fuel efficiency of a jet engine, with the power and high-speed abilities of a rocket.

That is quite an advancement in aviation, and it was long overdue really. But even more shocking is the fact that on September 16th, 2019, the United States Navy officially disclosed UFOs. They did it. They finally did. They officially stated that some leaked footage of pilots following a UFO was indeed an unidentified object and was genuine footage, that the public was not supposed to see. From the article:

“Joseph Gradisher, the Navy’s spokesman for the deputy chief of naval operations for information warfare, confirmed that the Navy considered the objects in the videos to be unidentified...

“The Navy designates the objects contained in these videos as unidentified aerial phenomena,” he said in a statement to The Black Vault, a civilian-run archive of government documents. The term UFOs, which stands for “unidentified flying objects,” is now used less frequently by officials, who have instead adopted the term “unidentified aerial phenomena,” or UAP.”

“…Navy pilots reported to their superiors that the objects had no visible engine or infrared exhaust plumes, but that they could reach 30,000 feet and hypersonic speeds,” the Times report said. Hypersonic speed is more than about 3,800 mph — five times the speed of sound.

The thing everyone has been talking about is how little of an impact this has made, since most people already believe this was the case. I think we will continue to see more important UFO disclosures coming forth now with Jupiter about to enter Capricorn as well.

One more thought…If I had to guess where we might see some other major negative news events, I would guess the Catholic Church and the Vatican might come up a bit more in the news. Or other major religious institutions, due to Jupiter and Venus crossing Capricorn, the two planets of the priest class.

10 thoughts on “Predictions: December 2019-January 2020 Eclipse Period

      1. Well, if you can accurately predict someone’s life events (you mentioned you will know if something will happen in someone’ life – see the last 3 words below), then how come this turned out to be completely opposite?
        I am not trying to criticize you but want to know how is this possible?

        Ref from your website: 24-hour advance notice is required to reschedule a session. Unless some serious event or emergency has occurred to prevent you from participating. And if so, I’ll know

        1. Lol, I have never said that I will know everything all the time. You are kinda making it seem like I am supposed to be omnipotent. Astrologers are just humans, and if you hire a human that is a professional at this and has spent their life doing it, and you pay them a good fee, they’ll likely spend a lot of time on it and figure out what you need to know, thats just how any advisor is. But they will never be perfect.

          Contrast that to me just writing an article on my day off when I feel like it, mainly to point out how I did accurately make one of the most important predictions of the year, the UFO disclosure of september 2019. That is historical, and really I dont care about Black Friday at all. I just had that thought pop into my head while writing it, so I added it in because I thought about it for a few more moments and realized how likely it was. So I wrote it.

          I think its kind of funny that you did not have anything to say about that, and yet are just kinda picking on the one thing that you can pick on that is innaccurate. Even the Mona Lisa has flaws if you look hard enough. I am no Da Vinci so you will see plenty more flaws and innaccurate predictions from me as I learn mundane astrology, which, by the way, is a completely different discipline from natal astrology. So asking me why I can be good at one and not the other is literally like asking someone why they can be good at skateboarding and not at surfing…Or why one can be good at vert skating and not at street skating. Or why one can be a great quarterback but not a good linebacker. Its that big of a difference.

          1. Thanks for your response. Well, if you are not certain about something, you shouldn’t write. People are coming on your website thinking that you will predict something for them so that they can take proper action accordingly. From your response, it appears you are being defensive when you know you are wrong.
            If you didn’t care about Black Friday, why did you care to even write about Black Friday?
            You are in people business, you need to be cautious what you say to them. What if you predict for someone that staying in Paris will make you rich, and that person loses everything there. What will you say then? Oh, I am sorry, I made an inaccurate prediction? That one inaccurate prediction can ruin someone’s life.
            So if you don’t care about anything (such as Black Friday) or aren’t sure, just don’t write. Don’t give false hopes to people.

          2. Honestly your responses I felt were quite rude. If you are not into my writings, dont read them.
            You have a philosophical/belief issue and its not my fault you have the beliefs you do. I wrote about black friday because people appreciate what i write, or they would not visit my blog. You do not have to visit my blog anymore, and you can take your strange religious and dogmatic expectations of astrologers with you. To refuse to allow for an astrologer to be incorrect is ridiculous. If an advisor advises something that ends up being wrong, that is life. They are advisors, not God. So you must also feel that the weather channel and weather forecasters should go to jail or just stop forecasting huh? Since they have been wrong before? And the financial advisors should also be fired for “giving false hopes” to people? Where do you come off saying that? This post is about a correct prediction I made and you have nitpicked one incorrect prediction and say I should “just not write” and not give “false hopes” to people. That is cute.

  1. Props for putting yourself out there with your predictions. Predictive work is hard and a lot of Astrologers avoid it altogether/won’t take the risk.

  2. Props for putting yourself out there with your predictions. Predictive work is hard and a lot of Astrologers avoid it altogether/won’t take the risk.

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